About Gabe #

Who I Am #

Hello! I'm Gabe, a passionate Full-Stack Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Tech Leader with over a decade of experience in the software industry. I blend a strong technical background with a flair for product design and business strategy.

Education #

My Journey #

My career path has been a blend of experiences ranging from working with industry giants like IBM to diving into the dynamic world of tech startups. This journey has not only honed my development skills but also allowed me to explore and excel in product design.

Entrepreneurship #

As the founder and owner of a successful Peer Feedback, I've been trusted by institutions like Georgia Tech for over seven years. This venture has been a testament to my ability to envision, develop, and market tech solutions that resonate with users and stakeholders alike.

Skill Set #

I bring a diverse range of skills to the table, which includes:

Looking Ahead #

Currently, I am open to consulting and leadership roles. I thrive in environments that challenge me to drive growth and foster innovative solutions.

Let's Connect #

Whether you're looking for a seasoned tech leader or a dynamic consultant, I'd love to discuss how we can work together. Feel free to get in touch!